Google's Android Ice Cream Sandwich: first pics

The first blurry pics of Google's upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android have hit the net, though we warn you to lower your expectations for now.

Joseph Hanlon Special to CNET News
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Joseph Hanlon

Though many Android manufacturers are still struggling to get Android's Gingerbread version ready for their current range of devices, we have a reminder today that the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich version of the platform is just around the corner.

(Credit: Android Police/RootzWiki)

Android Police and RootzWiki got their hands on two pics each of the upcoming Google-designed mobile platform, plus a handful of previously unreleased tidbits about what we can expect when Ice Cream Sandwich lands later this year. However, don't get your hopes up for a massive user interface overhaul in the next iteration of Android. From the little we can see in these images it looks like it's business as usual, with some minor design tweaks to the notifications panel and pull-down notifications menu, as well as a new-look quick-launch bar at the bottom of the home screen.

There are a few other changes discovered through the leak that weren't captured on camera though. Gmail will apparently get a facelift to correspond with the update, and the default camera app will have a new panorama mode built in. Of course, these pics show a build of Ice Cream Sandwich, which is still several months from an official public release, so our fingers are crossed that Google plans some bigger, show-stopping changes between now and then.