Google to ship Glass to Explorers, still wants a sitdown

The company will be hosting Hangouts with new users and "Glass Guides" who will explain how to use the eyewear.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger

New Google Glass users will no longer need to head to one of the company's offices to pick up the eyewear, but they will need to sit through a Hangout session before they can use it.

According to Android Central, folks who join the Google Glass Explorer Program and purchase the eyewear will now have their product shipped to them. Before they start using the tech, however, they will need to sit through a Google+ Hangout with an "experienced Glass Guide."

"They'll take you through the entire setup process, explain some of the features Glass has to offer and tell you a little about the history of Glass along the way," Google wrote in an e-mail to Android Central editor-in-chief Phil Nickinson. "This is all done over webcams in a Google Hangout."

Google previously required Glass users to pick up their eyewear at its offices in New York or Los Angeles. Once there, they'd be greeted by someone who would walk them through the process of setting up and using the device. Now that Google is expanding its Explorer program, it ostensibly believes that those face-to-face meetings aren't necessary.

According to Nickinson, Google said the Glass introduction will take at least 45 minutes to complete.