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Google reportedly recruiting for a Nexus call center

A new Nexus call center could beef up Google's tablet support.

Google is hiring a team of Android-loving tech ambassadors to staff a call center.

In a potential sign of things to come, Google has tapped a third-party company to help staff a Nexus call center. According to details uncovered by, recruiters have been floating around the San Francisco Bay Area, seeking out Android "afficionados." The reason? Someone in the Mountain View, Calif., area needs help providing phone and e-mail support for an Android tablet.

Although the job listing doesn't explicitly name Google as the company looking to hire, the description paints a pretty clear picture. Geek advises that the call center is expected to be staffed and trained by the end of October. Not coincidentally, this happens to match up with the anticipated Nexus 4 launch.

Google's Nexus 7 tablet could get extra support. Joshua Long/CNET

Reading the through the details, it seems as if Google hopes to ensure a quality service experience for current and future Nexus owners. With rumors of multiple Nexus partners for this fall, a dedicated staff of "Google disciples" could be just what the new Nexus initiative needs. As some previous Nexus buyers can attest, things have not always been clear on the tech support front. On the other hand, this may ultimately be nothing more than an effort to provide a better end-to-end experience for users.