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Google Play Music comes to AirPlay devices via hack

Google Play Music doesn't support AirPlay or products like the Apple TV out of the box, but a company called DoubleTwist has found a way around that obstacle.


DoubleTwist, a San Francisco company with a self-proclaimed vision to "offer music without boundaries" is getting closer to achieving that goal with a new hack for Google Play Music.

With some help from a DoubleTwist plug-in added to a Google application programming interface (API), users can stream Google Play Music to AirPlay-enabled devices, like the Apple TV.

Google Play Music, the search company's answer to Apple's iTunes, doesn't support Apple's AirPlay technology, leaving those who want to stream their music library to products like the Apple TV out of luck. However, Google does provide a systemwide plug-in API in Android that allows for streaming to other devices, such as a Sonos product.

Using the same technology that allows streaming to Sonos, DoubleTwist created a package that plugs into the API and creates AirPlay support through that streaming standard. The steps for actually getting the feature to run, however, aren't for the faint of heart.

According to DoubleTwist, users will first need to have root access to their Android-based device. From there, they should install the DoubleTwist AirPlay for Android package and launch the Google Play Music app. Upon clicking the "Cast" option in the app, they'll be asked to grant root access, which they should accept. Users will then need to force-stop the Google Play Music app and relaunch it. After all that's done, they should have the ability at that point to stream Google Play Music to AirPlay-enabled devices.

The DoubleTwist package is available now in the Google Play store for $3. The listing on the Google Play store says that the feature also allows users to wirelessly transmit videos over AirPlay.

CNET has contacted Google for comment on the feature. We will update this story when we have more information.

(Via Engadget)