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Google Pixel 2 event: Live blog and livestream here

Pixel 2 phones, Google Home Mini and Home Max smart speakers and a "Pixelbook" laptop are just some of the products Google is rumored to unveil.


Update: The event has ended. Here's everything Google announced, along with all of our followup coverage.

Apple unveiled its new iPhones on Sept. 12. Last week, Amazon surprised us with five new Echo products.  

Now, it's Google's turn.

WHEN: Today, Wednesday, Oct. 4, 9 a.m. PT; 12 noon ET; 5 p.m. UK; 3 a.m. (Thursday) Sydney -- or see the start time in your time zone. CNET's preshow with Brian Tong, Patrick Holland and Lexy Savvides starts 30 minutes earlier.

WHERE: San Francisco, California

WHAT TO EXPECT: Quite a bit, actually. According the flood of leaks in recent weeks, we'll be getting:

See our full preview of what to expect.

HOW TO WATCH: Right here! Just sit back and watch the stream (at the top of the page).

FOR MORE INFORMATION: See all of CNET's Google coverage.