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Google may be resurrecting Google Reader inside Chrome with 'Follow' button

Google is testing an experimental Follow feature powered by RSS.

Google's Chrome browser
Chrome is testing a Follow feature similar to Google Reader.
James Martin/CNET

Google is testing a new experimental Chrome feature that would allow people to get the latest content from the websites they follow using RSS feeds, according to a Wednesday Chromium blog post. By tapping an RSS-powered "Follow" button in Chrome, you could keep up with any site you choose, large or small. When the site publishes content, you'd see updates in a new Following section when you open a new tab, like this:


This may sound similar to Google Reader, an RSS service Google shuttered back in 2013 that let you subscribe to and read feeds from different publishers. While tracking news through RSS never gained major mainstream popularity, it's possible that putting it in Follow button form in Chrome could help it pick up steam. 

Google said it would provide more information to web publishers as it tests the feature and determines whether to roll it out more broadly in Chrome. 

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