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Google Maps now notes waits at EV charging stations

Don't get stuck in a line.

EV Charging station
Google Maps will tell you the closest EV charging station and how busy it is. 
Picture Alliance/Getty Images

Google Maps is making it easier for electric car owners to find nearby (and unoccupied) EV charging stations so you don't need to wait around.

You can now see charging port availability in the US and the UK on Google Maps, according to a Tuesday blog post by Alex Donaldson, product manager of Google Maps. Just search "EV charging stations" in the app or on a desktop to see real-time information from networks like Chargemaster, EVgo, SemmaConnect and, eventually, Chargepoint.

Google Maps will tell you location, availability, port types and charging speed. You'll also be able to read station reviews, view photos, see ratings and read questions from other visitors.

The new feature for electric car owners is available on desktop, Android, iOS and Android Auto.   

Here's how it works.

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