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Google makes sharing the cost of a Project Fi plan supereasy

With "group repay" you can easily -- and fairly -- split a Project Fi group plan among several people

Google automatically splits the plan's costs among members based on usage.

Project Fi, Google's fledgling wireless service, which only works with Google-branded Android phones, has a new feature that may make it more attractive to a wider audience. The just-launched "Group repay" is a new automated system that makes it easy to split your Project Fi group plan bill among up to six members of that plan.

Participating members get specific bills each month based on their usage, with payments reminders sent directly to plan members, who then pay their fair share of the monthly bill using Google Wallet.

Google says there are a number of ways to split a bill (you set them in the Project Fi app), but whatever option you choose, "Project Fi will do the math." It's also worth noting that plan owners can even cash out repayments automatically to a debit card or checking account.

For those who've never heard of of Project Fi, it's Google's attempt to shake up the wireless industry with cheaper plans. As CNET's Marguerite Reardon explains, "The service uses a combination of cellular coverage from T-Mobile and Sprint and local Wi-Fi networks. A key aspect of Project Fi's service is technology that determines which network offers the best connection, allowing it to seamlessly switch among these networks if one connection weakens."

Project Fi is currently available for LG's Nexus 5XMotorola's Nexus 6, Huawei's Nexus 6P and Google's Pixel devices. A Fi Basics plan costs $20 a month for unlimited domestic calls and texts. You then pay $10 per GB of data and get credit for unused data you purchase. You can add up to five people to your plan, with members charged a $15-per-month base fee.