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Google Lens can tell you fun facts about your dog (and cat)

The new feature analyses pictures of your pet and tells you information about its breed.

Heard of Google Lens? It's the tech giant's new augmented reality feature in its Google Photos app that can analyse your pictures. Still in preview phase, it was last month rolled out to iOS devices. 

Now, Google is giving us a reason to adopt: information about our pets. Google Lens scans your photos and extracts information from them. For instance, it can scan a business card and serve you up a name and phone number to enter into your address book.

On Thursday the company unveiled Google Lens' new ability to look at photos of your dog or cat and then give you information about their breed. For instance:


The update also allows you to create a highlight reel starring your pet. It builds on the previously introduced feature of being able to search for your canine bud or feline friend using emoji or breed name. 

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