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Google's Play Points program launches in the US to reward purchases

Users can score points on everything they buy with Google Play.

Google Play Points
Google Play's new rewards program has rolled out in the US.

Google Play Points has arrived in the US, Google said in a Monday tweet. The rewards program previously launched in Japan and South Korea.

Users can earn points on purchases, including in-app items and subscriptions, and can score up to four times as many points during special events. They can also get bonus points for downloading featured apps and games. 

Customers redeem those points for discounts and special items such as characters and gems, or they can redeem Play Points for Google Play credit to use on items like movies, books and games. There's also the option to use points to support nonprofits like Doctors Without Borders USA and Save the Children. 

Users earn more points the higher their level. At bronze, they'll earn one point for every $1 spent, and at platinum they'll score 1.4 points for every $1 spent. There are four levels, which are determined based on how many points someone has collected. Higher levels also include weekly prizes.

To join the free program, open the Google Play Store app on a phone or tablet, tap the menu, then go to Play Points. Users will earn three times the Play Points on all purchases during their first week, Google said in a release earlier this month. 

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Originally published Nov. 11.
Update, Nov. 13: Adds details about supporting nonprofits.