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Google launches Free The Airwaves

Search giant debuts a site to raise public support for unlicensed "white space" spectrum.

Google on Monday announced the launch of, a site promoting the unlicensed use of "white space" spectrum.

With the Federal Communications Commission expected to rule in the coming months on how to allocate unused bandwidth, Google is working with other technology companies like Dell and Microsoft to lobby for unlicensed white space, and the Web site aims to bring public awareness to the issue. The FCC recently completed field tests on spectrum interference to inform its decision.

Free the Air Waves provides video testimonials explaining the potential of free white space from people like Tribal Digital Village's Matthew Rantanen, who speaks about its potential impact on the Native American community. The site invites visitors to film their own video testimonials and sign a petition to the FCC.

"Google's goal here is to really see more people having access to the Internet," Minnie Ingersoll, a Google product manager, says in one video testimonial. "A key part of that is having reasonable rules crafted by the FCC that really allow for innovative uses of this spectrum."