Google home page, tools get the iPhone treatment (screenshots)

Google home page, tools get the iPhone treatment (screenshots)

Ben Wilson

Google has revised the way its mobile-optimized home page is displayed on the iPhone. The new version displays a row of iPhone-compatible Google tools (Calendar, Gmail, Reader) on a top row. Once you're logged in, all the Web apps are displayed in a uniform, tab-style interface that is vastly superior to the prior navigation and rendering scheme. All the tools are also in a new iPhone-optimized format.

There's also now a live "suggested searches" function that shows popular searches, live, based on input in the search field. Search results show up not on a separate page but directly under the search bar. Tapping Images, Web, Local, and News options immediately change what is displayed below the search bar.

A few kinks remain: we encountered some text that flowed off the page when attempting to login, for instance. In general, however, the new iteration feels much more like a true, uniform Web app than a standard page.

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