Google has done nothing yet to bring Google Maps to iOS 6

Google is not working on bringing a Google Maps app to iOS 6, according to boss Eric Schmidt.

Are you lost without Google Maps on your iPhone 5, iPad or iPod? Bad news, I'm afraid -- Google is not working on bringing a Google Maps app to iOS 6.

Since ditching Google maps with the new iPhone 5 and latest iOS software update, Apple has faced a storm of criticism over its incomplete own brand Apple Maps app. But Google is in no rush to spare Apple's blushes, with Google boss Eric Schmidt revealing to Reuters that work has not even started yet on a proper Google Maps app for iOS.

"We think it would have been better if they had kept ours. But what do I know?"said Schmidt, the sort of victorious remark that can only be followed by being borne through the streets on a unicorn while high-fiving cheerleaders.

Check out our comparison of iOS 6 Maps, iOS 5 Maps and Android Maps to see how bad the new Apple app really is when examined next to Google Maps.

The controversy surrounding Apple Maps is an opportunity for Google. If phone buyers are steered away from buying an iPhone, the next stop is the Samsung Galaxy S3 or another Android phone. No wonder Google is in no rush to get the iPhone back on track.

Apple insists it will fix the problems with Maps, but the damage to the brand's premium reputation is done. Up-to-date data is vital to a mapping app, which means Apple needs to clear out those branches of Woolworths and Our Price and get today's data in the app.

In the meantime the people who really lose out are those of us stuck in cities that are labelled wrong or don't appear at all, people trying to get to addresses in the wrong place, or anyone who needs public transport information.

Until Apple finds its way again, you can use Google Maps in your browser. Hackers are also working on bringing back Google Maps to iOS 6, but the solution isn't ready yet.

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