Google fires Alfred, its local-recommendations app

The application will officially be sent to the junk heap on July 19, but customers can request their data by tomorrow.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
Clever Sense

So long, Alfred. It's been nice knowing you.

Google has informed users of its Alfred local-recommendations mobile app that the time has come for the helper to retire as of July 19. Users who have liked places that they want to take with them must request their data from Google by tomorrow.

Alfred was the brainchild of developer Clever Sense. Google snagged the app in its acquisition of that development house in December 2011. The company initially had plans to keep it open for the "foreseeable future."

Alfred provided recommendations on local places, including restaurants and bars. It was designed to learn what people liked and then recommend other places based on that.

(Via Techcrunch)