Google discontinues Nexus One: This is an ex-Android

Google is to Adriano the Nexus One, the search megallith's own-brand Android smart phone

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Richard Trenholm

Google is taking the Nexus One out into the woods and putting a bullet through the back of its touchscreen. The search giant's own-branded Android smart phone is to be discontinued.

The Nexus One was a bold experiment by Google, an HTC handset fitted with Google's Android software, only sold online and unlocked. In May, Google pulled the plug on online sales, and now the final handsets have arrived from HTC. The Nexus One will still be available from Vodafone for the time being, but it's surely living on borrowed time.

It seems that for the time being, only Apple can succeed selling phones direct to customers with no network middleman, but we can't help feeling Google could learn something from the marketing surrounding the iPhone 4. A Google phone is a big deal, but instead of a hyped-up Apple-style glitzy reveal, the Nexus One trickled out into the public domain when employees started tweeting they had one.

It's a shame: we liked the Nexus One a lot, even giving it a prestijus Editor's Choice Award. But now this smart phone is no more, it has ceased to be, it has expired and gone to meet its maker.