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Google Collections tab update gives you quick access to your recent search activity

The redesign helps organize your search history into more manageable collections.

You can find your Google Collections tab in the Google search app. 
NurPhoto/Getty images

Google updated its Collections bookmarking feature last week to make keeping up with your recent searches easier. The news was spotted earlier by 9to5Google. The Collections tab now features recently viewed content and automatic organization into sections like Quick Access, Shows and Movies, Shopping, Collections, Recipes and more. 

When I opened my Collections tab, Quick Access showed me a few locations I'd saved in Google Maps, information on shows like Loki and American Horror Story, a few video games I might be interested in, as well as a collection of articles I'd saved to read later. It seems like a handy way to not lose track of things you've searched, in comparison to the previous Collections update from early 2020, which focused mostly on grouping pages, images and locations. 

CNET reached out to Google and we'll update when we hear back. 

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