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Glowing Lunecase feeds on iPhone's electromagnetic radiation

No battery, no problem. Get glowing alerts with the Lunecase, a case powered by electromagnetic energy sent out by your iPhone.

Concepter has working prototypes of the Lunecase. Concepter

It's well-known that phones emit a bit of electromagnetic radiation. The topic's been the subject of much speculation, study, and even a bit of concern. Electromagnetic radiation's about to get a reputation as an intriguing alternative energy source.

The Lunecase looks at first like a pretty regular snap-on iPhone case. Then it glows with a special notification when you get a call or a text message. That's pretty cool, but it gets even cooler when you find out no batteries are involved. It's powered by electromagnetic energy given off by the phone.

The case is currently in crowdfunding mode on Kickstarter. It just launched and is already over halfway to the $50,000 goal. Versions for the iPhone 5/5S and 5C are on offer, in either black or white. The $39 pledge (roughly £23, €28) price is pretty reasonable for a fancy case.

Concepter, the Ukrainian team behind the Lunecase, doesn't get into details of exactly how the energy harvesting works, but that's no big surprise. The energy is enough to power the notification LEDs built into the case, no battery or cords or recharging required. You can just tell people it's powered by magic if you feel like it.

The Lunecase may ultimately not be the most practical case ever designed, but it certainly is nifty. You would have to get in the habit of setting your phone with the screen side down in order to see the notifications, but it's more subtle than having your screen light up to let you know when a call is incoming.

The Lunecase is more about the sleek fun of the thing. It's about having a glowing symbol pulsing on the side of your phone while you're talking. It's about telling your curious friends how it's powered by electromagnetic energy. It's a nice change to go from hearing about fearing the radiation to embracing its usefulness.

Lunecase in black
The Lunecase in black showing a call notification. Concepter