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Giveaway time! You could win* a OnePlus 5

We partnered once again with OnePlus to give away its latest flagship phone, unlocked. This sweepstake ends Oct. 26, 2017.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The CNET giveaway team wants to keep the prizes coming. Once again we are partnering with OnePlus to give away its latest flagship phone, a handset that won the Editors' Choice Award this past June, making it to the list of the best phones of the year with an 8.9 rating.

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According to our editors, "the OnePlus 5 is outstanding, especially for the price; no other phone gives you the same bang for the buck." It comes with the latest Snapdragon chipset, an enduring and fast-charging battery, a double-lens camera with portrait mode and much more. Check out all the specs in our full review:

But how can you enter to this sweepstakes? Just read our rules carefully, fill out the form below and accept our terms and conditions. Don't forget to spread the word using the unique link you will get after your registration because you can get up to 10 extra entries per each friend who signs up using your link. Only 10 extra entries (a total of 11, including your registration to the giveaway); otherwise you get disqualified.

Good luck!