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Gift idea: iPhone App Magnets

What do you get for the iPhone owner who has everything? How about a set of supercool magnets that look like app icons! They're on sale for $9.99 per set of 18.

While they're on sale, a set of 18 iPhone App Magnets will run you just $9.99 (plus shipping).
While they're on sale, a set of 18 iPhone App Magnets will run you just $9.99 (plus shipping).

Looking for the perfect gift for the iPhone, iPod, or iPad lover in your life? Let's face it: iTunes gift cards have been done to death. For something original, clever, creative, and even practical, check out the App Magnets.

As you can see in the photo, they're near-perfect recreations of the core iPhone apps. They come in sets of 18, one each for Clock, Calendar, Maps, and so on. I've already got a set of these on my fridge, and they're not only great magnets (just the right size), but also great conversation-starters.

These were originally $12.99 when I first wrote about them earlier this year, but ThinkGeek has them on sale for $9.99 per set. Shipping will run you a rather steep $6.59, but you can just about offset that by ordering three sets and using coupon code nextorder (which subtracts $5 from your total).

My advice: Grab a set for yourself, and stash the other two away for gift items. In fact, if you order five (or just get your cart total to $40), that same coupon is good for $10 off, which more than covers shipping.

Speaking of super-cool gift items, don't miss the iPhone stand welded out of forks and spoons.