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Getting Sprint's 4G into New York City

Sprint offers two videos that show the steps needed to get its 4G WiMax service into new York City.

In less than two weeks, Sprint will formally activate its 4G WiMax service in New York City. As I've already told you, building out a 4G network in a dense urban environment like Manhattan isn't easy. Even once you have all the permits in hand--which is a mess in itself--you still have to install enough "macro" cell sites on rooftops and enough "pico" sites on utility poles. Only with this two-tiered approach can a carrier hope to get its signals into building, underground and into parks and green areas.

To show how difficult the whole process is, Sprint has posted two videos to YouTube that feature Michael Galluccio, its New York Metro Sales Manager. In the first video (shown above) Galluccio talks to Iyad Tarazi, Sprint's vice president of network deployment, about what it takes to install the large antennas on building tops. In the second clip, Galluccio chats with Viet Chu, a Sprint RF engineering manager, about the smaller cell sites on the street.

Both videos are short and rather informative so take a look.