Get Sol Republic Tracks Air Bluetooth headphones for $74.95

These gorgeous, "Beats-like" on-ear 'phones have a list price of $199.95 and sell elsewhere for at least $128.

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Rick Broida
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Sol Republic

Given the choice between cheap headphones that sound decent and premium headphones on sale for cheap, which would you take? I think most of us would opt for the latter, which is why I'm grateful to reader Chris for sharing this deal -- one I otherwise might not have spotted.

While supplies last, and ending March 31, Motorola has the Sol Republic Tracks Air wireless on-ear headphones for $74.95, shipped (plus sales tax where applicable). They have a list price of $199.95, and the best price you'll find elsewhere is about $128.

Available in your choice of four colors (all of them gorgeous, IMHO), the Tracks Air offers both corded and, true to its name, wireless listening. They incorporate "extended" Bluetooth with a promised range of up to 150 feet -- way more than most Bluetooth 'phones.

There's also built-in NFC for quick and easy pairing to devices that support it. (Cough, not iPhone, cough.) You can even keep two devices paired simultaneously, great if you routinely bop back and forth between, say, a phone and tablet.

Other impressive feathers in the Tracks Air's cap: battery life that's rated at 15 hours, swappable headbands and built-in microphones for hands-free calling.

For hands-on (and ears-on) details, I'll turn you over to David Carnoy's review . Spoiler alert: he liked them, and that opinion was based on a $200 price tag. (He actually wished for a price tag closer to $179, or even "slightly less." Your wish has been answered, David, and then some!)

My take: If you covet premium headphones but don't have the budget to actually buy them, here's your chance.

Bonus deal: Game time! (And what a perfect use for your new headphones!) For a limited time, and while supplies last (the bundle actually sold out yesterday, but "stock" was replenished), Bundle Stars has the eight-game All-Stars Bundle for $1.99. The collection includes all-time great System Shock 2, popular city/dictator-management sim Tropico 4, and popular action-adventure RPG Magicka. Combined value: over $100.