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Get cat-ear Bluetooth LED headphones for $23.39

Designed with kids in mind, these adorable glowing 'phones would make a great gift.

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These comfy-looking headphones can fold up for easier transport/storage. Oh, and glowing cat ears!


Is it too soon to start using the "H-word"?

I'm talking about the holidays, of course. If you're the type of person who likes to shop early, today's deal might cross one or more kids off your list.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Mindkoo -- you just can't make these names up -- is offering its Cat Ear Wireless Headphones for $23.39 when you apply promo code GE6OH4UL at checkout. Regular price: $39.99. Shipping is free for Prime subscribers.

These look more or less like traditional headphones -- but with cat ears! And as we all know, cat ears make everything more adorable. Especially when they light up, which these do: LEDs make the cans and ears glow blue, and there are four lighting modes to choose from.

The headphones can fold for easier transport and storage, and they have a microphone for gaming or phone calls. They support Bluetooth 4.2, which in theory means they can pair with more than one device simultaneously -- though the product listing doesn't specifically mention that capability.

Similarly, there's an aux-in jack for plugging them into a headphone jack -- but no mention of the necessary cord being included in the box. (If it's not, you can pick one up for around $5.)

How do they sound? Tough to say, because this is a new product with no customer reviews. Granted, kids are likely to be much less discriminating when it comes to sound quality, so the likely answer is "good enough." This is definitely more of a novelty item, notable for its glowing ears than anything else.

Mindkoo rates battery life at up to 8 hours with the LEDs off and up to five with them on. That's solid for Bluetooth headphones.

Your thoughts?


No, it's not scratch-and-sniff -- it's a scratch-and-remember map.

Landmass Goods

Bonus deal: Speaking of interesting gift items, I've always loved maps, globes and the like. And I especially dig the maps that let you pinpoint the places in the world you've visited -- a great way to remember past travels and plan new ones.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, StackSocial has the Landmass Goods World Travel Tracker Scratch Off Map for $23.99, plus $2.99 for shipping. That's for three of the four available varieties: original, black or US-with-national-parks. (The Platinum version sells for $34.99.)

So help me, I just think these are super-cool. The 17-by-24-inch map is all one color; you scratch off the states/countries you've visited, revealing a vibrant different color underneath.

This could make a nice gift item too, and in fact the packaging is already "gift-ready."