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Get a Zink Happy wireless photo and label printer for $69.99

This magical little box churns out ink-free prints and labels on special paper rolls. It normally sells for $100. Plus: two fantastic bonus deals!

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Print lots of colorful things with the Zink Happy. No ink cartridges required! (But special paper is.)


Hi, cheeps! So yesterday was kind of a train wreck. First, Virgin's site went down for hours, right after I posted about its iPhone 7 deals. Then the bonus deal fizzled as well, again shortly after my post went up. (FWIW, I've reached out to SanDisk about reviving it. Fingers crossed!)

Obviously things like this are beyond my control, but they're certainly frustrating. When sudden changes occur, I'll usually update the original post, but it's much more efficient for me to send updates via Facebook and Twitter -- yet another reason I hope you'll follow me there.

Prints charming

On to business! Want to set up an impromptu photo booth? Create cool labels for your homemade jams and jellies? Add colorful touches to gifts, crafts, invitations and the like?

Then get this: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Ritz Camera (via Walmart) has the Zink Happy wireless photo and label printer for $69.99 shipped (plus tax). Price elsewhere: $100.

The Zink is a zero-ink (get it?) printer that leverages some serious magic to create color images on special paper rolls -- available in widths ranging from 3/8 inch to 2 inches.

Of course, even the 2-inch size isn't exactly huge, so this is no replacement for a proper photo printer. But for the aforementioned applications (and countless others), it's pretty cool.

In a nutshell, you use the Zink Design & Print Studio App (available for Android, iOS and Amazon Fire) to design just about anything you might want to print, using photos stored on your phone or tablet or imported from the likes of Facebook and Instagram. If you're an iPhone or iPad user, you can also print directly to the Zink via just about any app, thanks to AirPrint support.

As noted, you don't have to buy ink for this printer, but you do need the paper rolls. Alas, they're not cheap, and there are no third-party alternatives. Amazon sells a 2-inch roll for $24.99 and a four-pack of 1/2-inch rolls for the same price; Walmart has a single 1/2-inch roll for $9.99.

Like I always say, the consumables are gonna get ya no matter what printer you buy, so you might as well get the best deal you can on the printer itself. If you think you could use something like the Zink Happy -- which I haven't tried myself, but seems awfully cool -- here's your chance to save 30 percent.

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Yesterday I shared a deal on Business Bargain Hunter that I think might be of interest to Cheapskate readers as well: one year of Everlance mileage and expense tracking for $36 (equivalent to $3 per month). Regular price: $60.

Much as I chafe at the idea of yet another subscription, Everlance totally pays for itself. It's fast, easy and effective, and it delivers expense and mileage reports that are ready for your accounting software, your company or the IRS. As I noted in that post, I'm a user and a fan.

Humble Bundle

Bonus deal No. 2: Game time! The Humble Bundle folks have put together an awesome collection of Rockstar Games titles, including a bunch of Grand Theft Autos and all three Max Paynes. In other words, if you love open-world mayhem, slow-motion gunplay and gratuitous violence in general... well, get help.

Seriously, though, get this bundle, because the top tier with all the stuff is just $15, and proceeds go to the Rainforest Alliance. (Kudos to Rockstar Games for donating all revenue from this bundle to that worthy cause.) Oh, and the games are pretty darn good, too, older though they may be.

Don't take my word for it: Check out GameSpot's reviews of a couple of the higher-profile games in the collection, Grand Theft Auto IV and Max Payne 3. Both scored 9/10 and gushing praise.

By the way, the bundle has a combined value of just under $200. I'd say this is $15 awfully well spent.