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Get a Spigen smartphone ring-grip for $5.99

From the Cheapskate: Normally $12.95, this versatile add-on gives you a better grip on your phone. It also acts as a kickstand and car mount.

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For $5.99 out the door, the Spigen ring is definitely worth a try.


Greetings, cheeps! As I mentioned Monday, I'm on sabbatical (sa-blog-ical?) this week, hence the limited posts. But as I also mentioned, I'm not going to leave you high and dry on deals.

If you're a regular around here, you know of my fondness for the Ninja Loop, a ribbon-like strip that affixes to your phone case to give you an easier, safer one-handed grip.

Just one problem: It requires a case. If you prefer to keep your phone naked (and I wouldn't blame you one bit), the Nina Loop won't help you.

Here's something that will: For a limited time, Amazon has the Spigen smartphone ring-grip for $5.99 (shipped free for Prime subscribers) when you apply coupon code 3VUMW6RR at checkout. Regular price is $12.99 and the code works with all three colors: Black, White and Rose Gold.

This is one of those picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words products, so I'm not going to bother with a lengthy description. Just check the picture above to see how it works. The bottom line is the Spigen gives you an easier, safer one-handed grip for your phone.

But, wait, there's more. Unlike the Ninja Loop, the ring doubles as a kickstand -- nice for those who like to read or watch videos hands-free. It also comes with a hook-mount so you can hang your phone on your dashboard.

The downside, of course, is that your phone won't lie completely flat. My Ninja Loop adds no bulk to my phone. The ring adds, well, a ring.

I wish I had some personal experience I could share, but I don't own one of these -- yet. The 175 customer reviews average out to 4.2 stars, though take note that many of those reviews were "in exchange for a free sample."

I think this is worth a try for $5.99. Much as I like my Ninja Loop, the ribbon tends to cut into my fingers a bit, and it's looking mighty dingy after months in my pocket. Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Need a simple but powerful photo editor? For a limited time, SharewareOnSale has CyberLink PhotoDirector 6 Deluxe (Windows) for free when you complete a short form. Amusingly (and confusingly) the link's URL indicates that the deal is for PhotoDirector 4 and the box shot shows PhotoDirector 7. But it's definitely version 6. The software lets you remove unwanted items from photos, apply special effects and much more.