Get a refurb AT&T iPhone 3G for as low as $49

AT&T has announced it is selling refurbished iPhone 3G phones at its lowest price yet.

David Martin
David Martin has more than 20 years of experience in the industry as a programmer, systems and business analyst, author, and consultant.
David Martin

AT&T announced late Friday via Twitter that it is selling refurbished iPhones for as low as $49.


The 8GB iPhone 3G is available at this price while supplies last at ATT.com.

A quick cross-country glance via the iPhone 3GS availability tool showed us that the 3GS is in stock at most Apple stores, so AT&T may be doing this to clear out inventory of the older model. It probably won't take long for this to happen since the $49 price is going to be hard to pass up for most people.