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Get a Qi-certified wireless charging stand for $12

Choose from three different styles, each with a cooling fan.


This stand wirelessly charges any Qi-compatible phone. Whether or not it fast-charges depends on the USB port you use.


Here's a quick public-service announcement: You don't have to pay $50 for a wireless-charging stand for your phone. Nor $40. Nor even $30. You might think that if you've shopped for them at a big-box store, Apple Store or the like.

But nope. In fact, for a limited time, and while supplies last, the Vodool Qi-certified wireless charging stand is just $12 when you apply promo code 7ET4X6GK at checkout. Regular price: $30.

That link should take you to the Q750 model, but there are two other variants available there, the S110 and S400. They're functionally identical, just slightly different in their design. Update: The Q750 is sold out.

All three employ two charging coils and silent cooling fans. The latter is a nice perk -- some phones get pretty warm while charging, and heat is definitely no friend to electronics.

If you plug any of these into a standard USB port, you'll get 5-watt (aka "slow") charging). Plug one into a QC 3.0-compatible AC adapter, however, and you'll get 10-watt fast charging (on devices that support it). The stands don't come with such an adapter -- here's one for $9 if you're interested.

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