Get A Grip on iPhone and iPod Touch Gaming

Get A Grip on iPhone and iPod Touch Gaming

Ben Wilson

Marware, makers of cases and covers for iPods and iPhone, has announced a new iPhone 3G and second generation iPod Touch accessory appropriately named The Game Grip.

The Grip features huge handle grips to provide a comfortable user experience while using it to play games and cord management to prevent those pesky cords from getting in your way while driving, shooting aliens, etc. The product allows you to use your headphones and charging cable during game play, giving you another way to charge your Apple device and extended game play. The center of the Grip holds your iPhone 3G or second Generation iPod Touch (using an included spacer for the latter) with full access to the front of your iPod Touch or iPhone.

The Grip itself is selling for $49.99 and it's available in black with blue handle grips. Marware is taking pre-orders for the Grip now with the expectation that it will ship before Christmas.