Get a free iPhone 4 case to solve antenna woes

OK, free plus a few bucks for shipping. But you do get your choice of five snazzy colors, and an instant fix for a certain issue with antenna reception.

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Rick Broida
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Wrap one of these free (not including shipping) cases around your iPhone 4 and presto: antenna problem solved.
Wrap one of these free (not including shipping) cases around your iPhone 4 and presto: antenna problem solved. Cases.com

Not to beat this dead horse any further, but there's one thing I don't get about the whole iPhone 4 antenna hubbub: don't 99 percent of users carry their phones in a case anyway? I can't remember the last time I spotted a "naked" one. (iPhone, that is, not user. Come to think of it, haven't seen many naked users, either. Which is good.)

And if you use a case, problem solved, right? Right. Here's how to solve it on the cheap: Cases.com is offering a free LifeGrip Silicone Case for iPhone 4--in your choice of colors! 

Actually, the case is free, but shipping isn't: First Class Mail will run you $3.73, a little higher than the "around $3" listed on the product page.

Also, three of the five colors (black, blue, and white) are on backorder until July 19; if you want your freebie case sooner, you'll have to choose purple or rose.

I've long used a similar silicone case on my 3GS, and it's been great. Nothing flashy, mind you, but it does offer a reasonable amount of protection and excellent gription (gripitivity? grippy-ness? You come up with a better word).

The LifeGrip is not a bad-looking case, either, especially the faux wood-grain pattern on the back. Definitely a worthwhile buy at less than $4 out the door.

That said, Meritline sells a similar silicone iPhone 4 case in black for $2.27 shipped, or $2.76 for blue or red. They're not quite as nice, but, hey, what do you expect for the price of a cuppa joe? That's an awful lot cheaper than hiring a lawyer to sue Apple. Just saying.