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Get a 4-port smart USB wall charger with European adapters for $10.79

That's 40 percent off the regular price of this top-rated travel plug.

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Let's keep it simple today, shall we?

Modern travel means multiple gadgets -- and very often not enough outlets to charge them all. That's why a multi-port wall adapter is essential.

Like this one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Syncwire (via Amazon) has the SW-AC01 4-port international USB wall charger for $10.79 when you apply promo code CNET2017 at checkout. Regular price: $17.99. That's a Cheapskate exclusive, my friends. Civilians get only 15 percent off, and that's when they buy two.

I don't throw around the word "perfect" very often, but this little guy seems pretty close. It's compact, with folding prongs and up-facing ports -- the latter ideal for hotel rooms, where AC outlets are so commonly located down low and/ or behind furniture. Plugs with out-facing ports can be difficult to shoehorn in there, and you have to contort yourself to actually see the ports.

The wall wart serves up four "smart IC" USB ports: Two 1A for phones, two 2.4A for larger devices. You also get UK and EU adapters, great if you're lucky enough to be taking a trip abroad. (Oh, Paris... je t'aime.)


Particularly remarkable, the product has a 4.8-star rating from over 1,200 buyers, and the Fakespot and ReviewMeta ratings of that rating are solid.

Oh, one last thing: It comes with a lifetime warranty.

If there's something here not to like, I haven't found it. Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Speaking of $10 deals sold via Amazon, J&L Real is once again offering its J&L-102 magnetic sport Bluetooth earphones for $9.99 when you apply promo code 93XQNWXJ at checkout. That code should work on all three colors: gray, dark gray and camo.

These are IPX5-rated sweatproof earbuds, good for up to six hours of playtime on a charge, according to J&L. What's magnetic about them, and why does that matter? When you pull these out of your ears and let them dangle around your neck, the 'buds can clip together -- magnetically -- so they don't bounce around. Handy!

As usual, you get three ear-tip sizes and three sets of ear "hooks" to help keep them securely inserted.

Average user rating: 4 stars. What accounts for the handful of 1-star reviews? Mostly reliability: a few users received units that were DOA or wouldn't hold a charge after a short period of use. Alas, the warranty is just 60 days. That said, did I mention the price is 10 bucks? What do you think: Worth the risk or smarter to spend a little more on a potentially more reliable product?