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Get a 12-pack of ballpoint-stylus combo pens for $7.99

This nifty assortment seems almost too good to be true: pen on one end, stylus tip on the other, colorful aluminum barrel down the middle.

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Some of my favorite deals are on the simplest products.

Like, you know how you never have enough pens? And you know how sometimes it's easier to use a stylus on your phone or tablet than it is a finger?

Today is your lucky day, cheeps!


For a limited time, TeviwinDirect has a 12 pack of two-in-one pens for $7.99 when you apply coupon code Q2QTUTGD at checkout. And I'm assured they have considerable inventory, so it's very unlikely they'll sell out. (Watch me end up with pen on my face.)

Aren't they colorful? As you can see, there's a (retractable) ink tip at one end and a capacitive stylus tip at the other. And here all this time I've been using non-stylus ink pens like a sucker!

At this price, you would expect a pretty crummy product, all plastic and bad at actually delivering ink to paper. But these pens have aluminum barrels and nearly 1,400 user reviews averaging out to 4.4 stars.

Sold. To me this is a no-brainer. I always need pens, and now I'll always have a stylus at the ready as well. Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: I'm writing this late Tuesday because I'm going to be gone all Wednesday morning, so I just have to hope the deal is still live: Walmart has the RCA Viking Pro 10.1-inch two-in-one Android tablet for $120 shipped (plus tax), in your choice of silver or lavender (!).

Many of the specs are better than you might expect, including 32GB of storage, a quad-core processor, Android 5.0 and, oh, yeah, a keyboard! Screen resolution isn't fabulous, nor is battery life, but the user reviews are pretty positive. Good heavens, that's cheap for a 10-inch hybrid. I can think of about 20 ways to make good use of it.

Bonus deal No. 2: Speaking of amazingly inexpensive stuff, Adorama has the Canon Pixma MG2922 wireless all-in-one printer for $29.99 shipped. Reviews around the Web are fairly mixed, in part because some buyers didn't do their homework (thinking "wireless" automatically meant "supports AirPrint," when in fact the printer supports only Google Cloud Print -- which is a major pain to set up). But OMG, a wireless AIO for $30! Get one.