Galaxy Tab price, launch rumors start swirling

Details begin leaking out with possible release dates and prices for some of the top carriers.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
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As we draw closer to the end of 2010, each of the four big wireless providers is expected to release its version of the Galaxy Tab. Announced last month, the 7-inch Android-based tablet has yet to see an official price tag or launch date from any U.S. carrier, but that may soon change as a handful of Tab rumors began swirling late last week.

First out of the gate was Sprint, which is said to be dropping the device on November 14 with a $399 price tag. Given the hardware inside, this isn't a terrible price for those willing to sign a two-year agreement. Yet, it will be very tough to sell the off-contract $599 device against Apple's 10-inch 32GB iPad.

T-Mobile's Galaxy Tab also could have a $399 price point with a two-year service plan and $50 mail-in rebate. As I do with Sprint, I imagine T-Mobile won't be selling too many of these outright at $649 a piece.

Though Verizon launched its Galaxy S series phone after the other big four carriers, it could be first to launch the Galaxy Tab. Droid Life is reporting today that November 1 will be the date that Big Red debuts its Tab. I would anticipate similar pricing from Verizon and AT&T.

Though the tab's dual cameras, Flash capability, and memory card expansion are great features, this market belongs to the iPad for the time being. Apple will continue to pump money into advertising its latest creation, touting apps and screen size. And really, as early as we are in the Android tablet life cycle, I'd be hesitant to sign a two-year plan. While I like the idea of an Android tablet that lets me work with a larger screen, I don't want to regret my purchase six months from now. LG, Motorola, Dell, and HTC are just a few companies said to be readying tablets of their own.