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Samsung teases Galaxy S9's take on this iPhone X camera tool

Samsung released a batch of Galaxy S9 videos that hint at what the phone can do.

Josh Miller/CNET

Only a few days left until the grand reveal, Samsung is stirring up excitement for its upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S9.

Samsung just released a handful of quick ads on its YouTube channel. While the ads may seem cryptic at first, they could hint at new camera features coming to the Galaxy S9. Take a look below.

Video: The first ad is a fast-paced action-packed short brimming with motion. Finally, the frenzied activity abruptly halts and you see a skydiver falling ever so slowly as the number 9 appears. See how the skydiver falls perfectly in the center of the number 9? It's just like it's mimicking a camera's lens. 

What it hints about the Galaxy S9: Samsung could emphasize lightning-quick focusing and camera capture for action shots, as well as a previously rumored super slow-motion video recording feature.

Video: Next up we get an ad filled with dark nighttime scenes, some with lights from a cityscape or a home, others in the woods with no visible light source around. At the very end, we see the silhouette of a deer that is lit up when the number 9 appears around its head, another reference to the camera shutter. 

What it hints about the Galaxy S9: Low-light photography is clearly the organizing theme to this video. Special low-light photography was rumored due to a new variable aperture lens that may be coming to the Galaxy S9.

Video: The third and final ad follows a very expressive guy through a handful of scenarios. It seems like his facial expressions are the focus of this video as he goes from pensive, to sad, to excited, and then happy. At the end of the video, the number 9 forms around his face and turns it into a little cartoon version of his mug. 

What it hints about the Galaxy S9: The teaser ties in perfectly with rumors of a "3D emoji" that mimics the iPhone X's Animoji, animated emoji that use the front-facing camera to copy your expressions, and style them as an emoji character. This clip suggests that the feature could turn you into an animated version of yourself, which you would then perhaps share with friends in texts or post online.

Camera quality is one of the top purchasing decisions for buyers looking for a new phone. Anything Samsung can do to meet or beat the iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 XL and any other device. Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 was the first of its phones to feature a dual-camera setup on the back. It's rumored that the Galaxy S9 Plus will follow suit.

Samsung did not respond to a request for comment.