Samsung Galaxy S8 might have a 4K display and some powerful AI

The latest leaks suggests the alleged Galaxy S8 could come with Viv's AI assistant, and possibly a 4K display.

Gordon Gottsegen CNET contributor
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Gordon Gottsegen
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After recently purchasing the artificial intelligence start-up Viv, it looks like the artificial intelligence known as Viv could replace Samsung's S Voice in the alleged Galaxy S8, according to the latest leak.

The California based Viv was co-founded by Dag Kittlaus, who helped create Apple's Siri. Viv's mission is to create an even better AI assistant than Siri, and its recent purchase by Samsung helped give this goal momentum.

Many tech companies are putting effort into stepping up their AI game, as was seen in Google's October press event. It makes sense for a hardware company like Samsung to invest in AI, and this most recent rumor gives us an idea of how Samsung intends to use its new resource. A new AI assistant in its upcoming Galaxy S device could help improve Samsung's reputation and take the focus off the Note 7 recall.

Viv is a new AI app from Siri's creators (pictures)

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The rumor was first reported on by SamMobile and it cites its source as a Weibo post from a known Chinese mobile tipster. The post delivers big news that the S8 will feature Viv's AI, but it also claims some additional hardware changes. These changes coincide with previous rumors that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will come in two variants, both with curved Edge screens. The phones are said to come in two different sizes, one 5.1-inch and the other 5.5-inch. The 5.1-inch device is said to feature a 2K AMOLED display, while the larger 5.5-inch device is said to have a 4K display. This claim has also been hinted at by previous rumors.

Despite the fact that the Galaxy S8 has yet to be officially announced, there have been many rumors about what to expect. Whether or not these rumors pan out to be true, there is a lot of pressure for Samsung to redeem itself and its flagship phone line after the ongoing Note 7 debacle. Not only does it have to get this right to make up for financial losses, it has to earn back trust from its customers.

Samsung did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.