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Galaxy S4 Mini compared to S4 and Mega in Three video

UK network Three has stacked the newly unveiled Mini up against other Samsung mobiles.

UK operator Three has released a video that gives us a close-up look at the freshly-unveiled Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

Although the miniaturised mobile doesn't even have a British release date, the numerical network has shown off the new phone, in a slightly surprising move that even throws in a comparison with the Galaxy S4 and the 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega.

Check out the clip below, which features some plinky-plonky music and a chance to examine how much difference the slimmed-down 4.3-inch display makes to the overall girth of the phone, and how it stacks up against its larger siblings.

Controversial Mini

I've criticised the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini for having completely different specs to the Galaxy S3, and it looks like the S4 Mini is likely to repeat the trick.

My colleague Andrew Hoyle has already pointed out that the S4 Mini is seriously dissimilar to the Galaxy S4 in terms of hardware, with a lower screen resolution and a dual-core chip that won't compare with the quad-core processor inside its bigger brother. Elsewhere you get an 8- instead of 13-megapixel camera and a mere 8GB of storage (5GB of which is usable).

There's no confirmed pricing for the S4 Mini, so we can keep our fingers crossed that it'll get a price tag that reflects those modest specs, and doesn't try to con shoppers out of more cash by trading on its famous name.

The S4 Mini is out later this year -- will you be buying one? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.