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Galaxy S4 features shown off in YouTube videos

Four videos have been posted showing the device's new features, including a SmartPause and new unlock screen.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S4
Might this be Samsung's Galaxy S4?
YouTube video/Screen grab by CNET

Samsung's Galaxy S4 may be getting its full unveiling later today, but that hasn't stopped a YouTube user from posting videos of what he claims is the device in action.

YouTube user iStevenCom has posted four videos today showing the Samsung Galaxy S4's new features. The first shows the device's ability to react to user input without actually touching the screen. Another video shows how the device will automatically pause a video when the viewer looks away.

The features shown in the videos seem to follow the rumors surrounding the Galaxy S4. For weeks, we've been hearing that the device will come with some major software upgrades -- touch-free functionality and SmartPause are among them. The other two videos, which show the handset's new unlock screen and Internet browsing, also shed light on Samsung's plans for improving the connection between its Android installation and hardware.

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The uploaded videos don't describe any of the hardware features in the Galaxy S4, but the handset is expected to come with a host of improvements, including a slightly larger display and faster processor.

After months of speculating, however, the wait is almost over: Samsung will unveil its Galaxy S4 event later today. And as always, CNET will be there to cover every last second.

(Via Sammy Hub)