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Galaxy Note owners: do you use the stylus?

Samsung's Galaxy Note was one of the surprise hits of last year, and we want to know why. Is it the S-Pen stylus? Do you even use it, at all?

Samsung is tipped to announce its follow-up to the Galaxy Note, the company's surprisingly successful smartphone of last year. While we try and pin-point the secret to the success of the Samsung "phablet" (half phone, half tablet), we want to ask Note owners whether you use the stylus or not. If you don't own a Note, but you're considering one, is the stylus a major draw-card?

The Galaxy Note with the S-Pen stylus. (Credit: CNET)

It'd be fair to say that the Note has had its share of detractors among the tech community, with many questioning its uncomfortable size. Almost everyone we showed the Note to during our review slid it into their pockets first, convinced that it wouldn't fit. But Samsung has had the last laugh, with over 10 million units shipped worldwide. Impressively, these sales have remained steady throughout the year, with 5 million sales announced in March, the figure doubling before Samsung reported again in August.

There's definitely something about the Note that has caught people's attention, but we're guessing it isn't the inclusion of the S-Pen stylus and Samsung's memo-making software. You might remember that I wrote a forlorn post, wishing the Note farewell when I returned it to Samsung after our review. In it, I said that I liked using the stylus for playing games like Draw Something, but now that I don't play those game anymore, would I still use it?

We're especially interested to hear from people who make use of the S-Memo app. Do you find it useful? Do you use it regularly? Or do you just love the Note because it has a huge screen? Let us know in the comments below.