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Galaxy Note 2 and Microsoft's Surface in Phone News video

Fix your peepers on this week's Phone News video in which Natasha talks Microsoft tablets, Jelly Beans and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

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Here at Phone News we’re all about being inclusive -- so when Microsoft announced it was planning on getting into the tablet-making business we sat up and took note.

Sure, tablets aren’t phones but they’re more than gadgety enough to get our juices flowing.

If you missed this week’s massive news that Microsoft is planning on ‘doing an Apple’ -- by making the whole hardware and software caboodle -- then hit play on the video above to have a gander at its Surface tablet.

While little is know so far about pricing and release date, we do know it'll come with a Qwerty keyboard built in to a rubbery cover, a magnetic stylus for prodding and poking the screen, and a kickstand so you can prop the slate up and observe it from a safe distance.

Keyboard, stylus, kickstand -- whatever next? A Surface bargepole? Call me crazy but it’s almost as if Microsoft doesn’t actually want you to touch its touchscreen tablet...

Also filling out your weekly video dose of gadget goss is a rumour that Samsung is lining up a successor to its biggest blower of all: the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note.

The Note follow-up will apparently land in October -- presumably to rain on any potential Apple iPhone 5 parade -- and will reportedly be thinner, as well as packimg an even larger screen, a quad-core chip and Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.

In other news, HTC is holding up its hands over a spot of Wi-Fi bother affecting its quad-core super phone the One X, which launched earlier this year.

Some owners of the phone have noticed its Wi-Fi signal isn't as good as it could be, until they squeeze the back of the device which instantly restores a full signal.

The phone maker also told us it would be adjusting its production processes to strengthen the area around the One X’s Wi-Fi antenna connection points -- ensuring you get the kind of Wi-Fi signal you deserve, no matter how you fondle your phone.

To see all these techno stories in glorious, animated colour, hit play on the video above. And let us know if you’re smitten with Surface, gagging for the Galaxy Note 2 or wound up about the One X’s Wi-Fi in the comments below. Or, as ever, hop on over to our Facebook page.