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Galaxy Fold: Watch Samsung's hypnotic hinge stress test

One and two, and up and back.

Samsung wants you to know it tests the hinge durability for its new Galaxy Fold foldable phone and that it can last for over 200,000 cycles. 

To prove it, the company posted a video showing rows of Folds opening and closing set to some punchy stock-sounding music that -- intentionally? -- makes the whole thing feel like stomach-crunch '80s workout video.    

Now playing: Watch this: Watch Samsung's Galaxy Fold stress test

And it's strangely hypnotic.

The video doesn't pause long enough to tell if there's a screen crease as we saw recently in a video that didn't come from PR, nor did it show what the screens looked like after those 200,000 folds. 

The 34-second clip does, however, give you a couple close-up looks of the hinge design. The phone-folding robots are part of the Samsung's reliability labs putting the Galaxy Fold through several rounds of extensive durability tests, said Samsung in the post. 

The phone starts shipping on April 26 and you can sign up for information on it now.

Updated 2 p.m. ET: Corrected availability information.