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Futurama app is heads above the rest

Futurama Head in a Jar has arrived! Finally, you can build your own head to display prominently in the Head Museum. Or on Facebook.

Get a-head in the world with Futurama Head in a Jar for iOS. It's free, and it's fantastic.
Get a-head in the world with Futurama Head in a Jar for iOS. It's free, and it's fantastic.
Screenshot by Rick Broida

I'll be honest: the most fun I had this weekend was not eating pizza and watching "Cool Hand Luke." It was not sitting on the deck and reading "Game of Thrones" on my Nook Color. It wasn't even playing with my kids (because they're out of town--how shallow do you think I am?!).

No, the best part of my weekend was discovering Futurama Head in a Jar for iOS. This new app lets you design your own heads, "Futurama"-style, then save or share them as you wish.

This isn't a new concept. "The Simpsons" and "South Park" have long offered their own character-building tools (though neither of them builds actual character). Futurama Head in a Jar may not be original, but it's no less welcome.

The app gives you seven design elements: species, head, eyes, nose, hair, extras, and scene. Just tap any option, then swipe to cycle between the various choices. The creation process is as easy as it is fun.

Indeed, I couldn't help giggling upon seeing some of the eyes, hairstyles, and accessories--all of which are plenty familiar to any "Futurama" fan. And I love the fact that you're not limited to humans; the app also lets you create robots and aliens.

When you're done, you can share your head via e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook (though there's currently a known bug that prevents Facebook sharing).

You can also add the head to your photo library, assign it to a contact (I'm having way too much fun turning my friends into "Futurama" heads), and add it to your very own head exhibit in your very own head museum.

The app also includes a good helping of video clips from recent episodes--along with the option to buy full episodes, of course. You can forgive that little bit of marketing, seeing as Futurama Head in a Jar is free.

Free, and fantastic. If you're a fan of a show, this is a must-have app. Bite my shiny metal head!