Furious Nokia N8 owner documents its failures in excruciating detail

Frustrations with the new Nokia N8 have inspired one angry owner to create a hilarious website listing the numerous problems he's already had with the phone's Symbian 3 software.

Asavin Wattanajantra
2 min read

Symbian 3 software issues on the Nokia N8 have made one owner so furious he's created a hate site bemoaning its numerous failures.

Created a week ago, N8 Fail - Reasons why the Nokia N8 sucks is a hilarious and often foul-mouthed diary of the problems the anonymous blogger has had with the new smart phone's software. Its motto is, "I have an N8. I actively resent using it." 

The crestfallen former fan explains why he bought the unfortunate phone in the first place. "I thought this was an amazing camera, a really nice physical design and honestly, how bad could it be. I'm returning it the first chance I get. I'd rather use a Moto Razr than this."

He (we're assuming it's a he) posts the various issues he's had with the smart phone, together with photographic and video evidence. One of the funniest balls-ups was when he needed to pass a captcha to recover a password. When the keypad came up, the captcha disappeared, meaning he had to remember what it was.

The writer also had a problem with the fact you needed to install the Ovi app store before using it. It's only a few minutes wait, but, in his opinion, very amateurish compared to other operating systems.

"Why Nokia? Why? Why not just pre-install Ovi? Would it really be that hard for your teams to talk to each other? FYI - here's how it works on Android. Click on Market - Market launches. Pretty much the same on iPhone and BlackBerry. You guys should totally buy one of your competitors' devices. They have this thing called 'out of the box experience'. It rocks."

Once downloaded, the writer wasn't particularly happy. First of all the N8 didn't recognise it had already downloaded Ovi, and then...

"No. I simply don't believe that this is what I am being offered. I refuse to believe that Nokia are this cack-handed. I've obviously got a defective unit with a defective Ovi store.

"That is literally the only explanation that makes sense. Who in their right mind at Nokia would have approved this? An icon that leads to another icon that leads to a web page that leads to a store with only five items in it? Are Nokia playing a practical joke on me? IT'S NOT FUNNY GUYS!"

We can only sympathise. These are just two of the Symbian 3 mishaps highlighted, and tally with our own frustrating experience of using the phone, although we reported it rather less angrily in our own full Nokia N8 review.