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Fund this: Impervious offers DIY waterproofing for iPhones

Forget sending your phone to Liquipel. This $29.95 spray kit promises to protect it from both water and scratches.

Spray your iPhone with Impervious and it becomes river-proof, pool-proof, and, best of all, toilet-proof. Impervious

Having seen firsthand the remarkable smartphone-waterproofing protection offered by companies like HzO and Liquipel, I definitely want in on that action. But HzO currently has no end-user option, and Liquipel charges $60 for the process. Plus, you have to ship your phone in for treatment, meaning you'll be without it for close to a week.

If only there was some DIY solution.

There is -- or, rather, there will be. Impervious is a Kickstarter project looking to raise $7,500 for a DIY iPhone waterproofing kit. It's basically a spray bottle containing the same kind of space-age polymer offered by other companies, but without the high price and lengthy turnaround. It also promises protection against scratches.

My first question: Why only iPhone? According to the developer, "our product works on all devices." The current iPhone focus is for marketing purposes, he said.

Ooookay. The bigger issue is that "fully treating your device requires that you take off your screen," meaning using Impervious will void your warranty. (If you merely spritz the outsides, you get splash/spill protection, but a dunk in the tub is probably still fatal.)

It's not clear whether the company provides any kind of guarantee against damage or a supplemental warranty. Suppose, for example, you take your iPhone apart, then it doesn't work after you put it back together. Who's liable? That's not stated anywhere (most likely answer: you), and at press time the company had yet to respond to my inquiry.

Those concerns aside, Impervious sounds awesome. After a "full" treatment, your iPhone should be able to survive for 30 minutes in up to three feet of water. And the protection should last up to three years.

Also: "When used properly, Impervious leaves no sign of residue and will appear to be completely invisible."

Current backing options include $29 for a spray bottle and other miscellany and $39 for a kit that includes the tools you need for opening your iPhone. Your thoughts?