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Fujitsu smart glove points to a good day at work

Even Homer Simpson couldn't cause problems at the plant with Fujitsu's prototype smart glove and augmented reality glasses.

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BARCELONA, Spain -- It was just another day at the plant -- until disaster struck! Fortunately it's in situations like this that Fujitsu's prototype Intelligent Glove combines augmented reality, NFC and wearable technology to save the day.

When something goes wrong in the factory, on the oil rig, or in any workplace, simply don the Fujitsu augmented reality glasses, and arrows are projected in front of your eyes to direct you to the source of the problem.

Once you arrive at sector 7G, simply point at the malfunctioning machinery with the smart glove, and the glasses display not only what's wrong with the equipment in question, but how to fix it too.

When you take hold of an unplugged cable with the glove on your hand, the AR glasses indicate into which socket you want to insert it. Even Homer Simpson couldn't mess up at work with this gadget.

When you're done with repairs and potential disaster has been averted, the glove can then file a report, writing words with your finger or sending an automatic update with the flick of a digit. And each time maintenance is performed, the system records who did what.

Fujitsu's prototype smart glove and AR specs help you work smarter, not harder. Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Although the intelligent glove and high-tech specs won't be available until around 2015, the back-end system is already in use in plants and factories in Japan, where workers use tablets to track problems and perform maintenance. The advantage of the glove and glasses combo is that it's hands-free, freeing both hands for workers to accomplish their tasks.

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