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Friday Poll: What do you want most from Apple's iPhone 6 event?

September 9 marks the day Apple unwraps a new set of gadgets. The iPhone 6 is a safe bet, but the rumored iWatch may rear its head and steal the spotlight.

iPhone 6 possible design
Ciccarese Design's idea of what the new iPhone 6 models could look like next to a 5S. Ciccarese Design

Apple tapped on the media's collective shoulder last week and invited the world to a mysterious event on September 9. Granted, almost all of Apple's announcement events have at least attempted to be mysterious. The invite came with the message, "Wish we could say more." Apple doesn't have to say anything for everyone to be pretty sure the event will be focused on debuting the iPhone 6. Beyond that, there are a lot of possibilities.

The iPhone 6 itself is strongly rumored to come in two flavors: one with a regular-sized screen like we're all used to and one with with a larger 5.5-inch screen that edges more into phablet territory. Some people naturally shy away from phablets, but others will embrace the extra display real estate. Analysts have differed on whether those screens will be available with scratch-resistant sapphire construction.

One of the more persistent rumors is that Apple will finally unveil its entry into wearable technology in the form of an iWatch (though the name could certainly be something else entirely). If this actually happens, then we'll have to applaud Apple for managing to keep the device well under wraps ahead of the announcement. Of course, a wearable-tech device may not be in the cards for September 9 at all.

Hot on the heels of the nude-celebrity-photos leak, Apple may feel compelled to address the issue of iCloud security. It will be interesting to see if Apple chooses to bring this up at an event that should otherwise have a celebratory tone.

Perhaps you've already secured your iPhone 5 trade-in price and can't wait to move up to a bigger screen. Maybe you like the the slim size of the iPhone you already have. Perhaps an Apple on your wrist is your most fervent desire, or maybe you're yearning for more information to ease your iCloud security worries. Vote in our poll and tell us what you want most from Apple's upcoming event. Then, tune into CNET's live coverage on September 9 and see if your wish becomes reality.