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Friday Poll: How big a deal are bendable iPhones?

Apple's big new iPhones are taking flack for potentially being bendy. The issue has been tagged with the name "Bendgate," but is it really that big of a deal?

The bent aluminium body of the iPhone 6. Screenshot by Claire Reilly/CNET

Apple is popular, but the flip side of that popularity is that it also invites increased scrutiny. That general scrutiny has now been translated into a full-on fuss over a very specific issue: new iPhones with a bend. Some users of the phablet-size iPhone 6 Plus are reporting their expensive phones are getting unwanted curves after being carried in a pocket. A forum thread on MacRumors turned a spotlight on the issue and has now racked up over 1,400 posts, including a handful of reports regarding bent iPhones, and some photos showing them.

The news has traveled far and wide, generating spoofs from Apple rivals like Samsung and a satiric website touting the bendability as a feature rather than a flaw.

Legitimate bending problems may be cropping up because of the long, thin design and aluminum body of the iPhone 6 Plus. It's the biggest iPhone yet and may not be as happy as a smaller phone when exposed to life in a pants pocket. However, iPhone users rightfully expect to be able to carry their devices in a pocket without their gear warping into a new shape.

How widespread the problem may actually be is up for debate. Apple issued a statement in regard to the fuss, saying that a grand total of only nine customers have lodged official complaints about the bending issue. The company says it performed rigorous stress tests and used materials chosen for strength and durability.

Apple fans with strong memories may recall a few instances of bending complaints after the launch of the iPhone 5, but it didn't garner the sort of attention the iPhone 6 Plus bends have attracted.

There's no escaping from Bendgate, so it's time to throw your thoughts into the ring. How big a deal do you think bendable iPhones are? Vote in our poll, and tell us if your iPhone got bent and how all this makes you feel about Apple.