Fresh leak outs Motorola Droid Ultra for August 8

A newly leaked commercial treatment suggests the next generation of Moto's Droid is less than one month away.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
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The next-generation Droid series could arrive on August 8. Android Central

The rumored Motorola Droid Ultra will join Verizon's lineup on August 8, if a leaked commercial storyboard is to be believed.

According to an ad treatment obtained by Android Central, the upcoming smartphone will be rugged enough to withstand drops and being kicked across a club dance floor. With Kevlar coating and a Gorilla Glass display, the Droid Ultra picks up where the previous generation leaves off.

Additional details mentioned (or shown) in the commercial suggest that the forthcoming device will feature an active listening mode. The protagonist allegedly activates his phone with voice prompts to open Spotify and select John Coltrane. It's unknown if this feature will be proprietary to the Motorola Droid Ultra or whether a user must tap a button to enable listening. Also unclear is if the "Nav Mode" is simply Google Navigation, something from Verizon, or a new software feature.

Presumably, Motorola unveils the Droid Ultra at the same time as other rumored Droid models. The current series of Droid models were introduced at the same time in 2012 so it makes sense to do the same for this year's line.

In a related note, a second leaked ad obtained by the Android blog tells us that the Droid Maxx could boast a whopping "48 hours of worry-free" battery life. For the sake of comparison, the Droid Razr Maxx HD is touted as having 32 hours of life from a single charge. If history is an indicator, the Maxx will feature identical hardware as the Droid Ultra, but with a much higher capacity battery.

Indeed, the next few weeks could be fun for Android and Droid faithful; we're less than one month away from the rumored debut.

Are you excited about any of the upcoming devices or have you given up on Motorola for now? I would love to hear your opinion of the new Droid series so feel free to leave a comment below.