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Fresh Jawbone apps tackle the science of sounder sleep

New Up Coffee and Up 3.1 activity tracking apps from Jawbone are designed to make restful sleep a priority.

Josh Miller/CNET

Jawbone, maker of the popular Up24 fitness tracker, has just launched two new pieces of mobile software coded to foster better sleep. Called Up Coffee and Up 3.1, one keeps an eye on your caffeine intake, while the other strives to correlate personal physical movement with sleep performance.

To be clear, the Up application isn't completely novel; rather it's an updated version of Jawbone's companion app for the company's Up wristband devices. Included in the fresh Up 3.1 version, says Jawbone, are improved algorithms designed to ferret out just how your individual exercise patterns affect the quality of your slumber. Likewise, it's possible that the earlier you turn in, the more steps you're apt to take the next day. According to Jawbone, Up 3.1 is built to serve up these kind of insights and tidbits after consistently measuring your activity for about two weeks.

The Up Coffee application represents the third leg of the health and wellness stool, diet (the other two are exercise and sleep). Instead of tracking all forms of food and drink, though, the app targets caffeinated beverages quaffed and how they might affect sleep performance. Since every individual's metabolism and body chemistry can vary greatly, Up Coffee is meant to predict how a given drink will likely alter your sleep personally. Jawbone explains that the software takes about 10 days get a sense of how you respond (or not) to cups of espresso, energy drinks, iced coffee, and the like.

Up Coffee
The Up Coffee app tracks caffeine intake. Jawbone

Both Up 3.1 and Up Coffee are available to download via the Apple App Store. Of course, to use Up 3.1 you'll need to also own an Up or Up24 health tracker. Up Coffee doesn't necessarily require a Jawbone gadget, but I imagine personalized sleep performance is a huge part of the caffeine equation.