Free Wi-Fi at Glastonbury with EE 4G tractor

The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys and Mumford and Sons will share the Glastonbury air with EE's free Wi-Fi -- from the back of a tractor.

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Richard Trenholm

Glastonbury has a new headliner: 4G. The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys and Mumford and Sons will share the country airwaves with EE's super-fast Internet connection, pumping out free Wi-Fi from the back of a tractor.

Britain's first 4G network is providing Wi-Fi to revellers at Glastonbury Festival this weekend, outfitting one of Worthy Farm’s eco-friendly biodiesel-fuelled New Holland tractors into "the world's slowest, fastest 4G hotspot."

Standing within 10 metres of the 4G tractor lets you connect to EE's 4G LTE mobile data network. Because you connect via Wi-Fi, anyone can use it on any smart phone -- you don't have to be on EE and you don't need an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, or any other 4G phone.

EE is also speeding things up at Tech City, the East London cluster of tech companies and start-ups informally known as Silicon Roundabout. It's the first area to benefit from EE's doubling of current 4G speeds, promising maximum speeds of up to 80Mbps, and everyday speeds of roughly 24-30Mbps.

It's the season for festival gadgetry: we also recently highlighted the Bloom.fm speaker-packing Wellies and Vodafone phone-charging short shorts.

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