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Fortnite Android port reportedly launching on Samsung's Galaxy Note 9

Fortnite and Samsung will reportedly join forces for a timed-exclusive launch on Android in August.

Epic Games

We already knew Fortnite, the biggest video game on planet Earth, would be coming to Android this summer. But if a new slate of rumors are to be believed, it could be as a timed exclusive for Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9

Sources speaking to both 9to5Google and XDA Developers revealed Fortnite's Android release is likely to launch alongside Samsung's new flagship smartphone in August as a 30-day exclusive. Those who preorder the Note 9 can choose to receive between $100 and $150 worth of V-Bucks, Fortnite's in-game currency, as a bonus, 9to5Google also reports.

There's a lot more to unpack here, however.

The source speaking to XDA Developers mentioned integration with Samsung's new S Pen, which we know will support Bluetooth. They also noted that Fortnite's most famous face, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, will potentially help the company launch the phone. With 10 million followers on Twitch, Ninja is one of the most well-known Fortnite streamers. CNET reached out to Ninja, but he did not immediately respond for comment.

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In addition, XDA's source also said that Fortnite will work with a rejigged version of Samsung's DeX, which allows you to connect your phone to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. 

While iOS users have been hunting for Victory Royales since April 2, Fortnite developer Epic Games had only promised the Android version was on its way, with no solid information filtering out since. The notion that it may have been readying the game for launch specifically on the Note 9 makes sense. 

CNET reached out to Samsung and Epic Games, but both companies declined to comment.

All the early talk around Samsung's Note 9 has been about how similar it seems to its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 8. If the rumors are true, it appears that Samsung are making a big play into the mobile gaming space with the Note 9 -- and what better way to start than partnering with quite literally the biggest video game since ... well, ever? Samsung's recent tease about improved battery life also bodes well for turning the phone into a gaming powerhouse. 

Whatever the case, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be officially unveiled at Samsung's Unpacked event on August 9. Until then, you can find all the rumors in our roundup.