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Follow JC Go! is like Pokemon Go, but with Catholic saints

It's available in Spanish now, but expected to be released in English and other languages in coming weeks.

Follow JC Go! lets you catch saints instead of Pokemon.

Forget Squirtle, there's a Saint Francis of Assisi on the loose. 

Two years after Pokemon Go fever got folks outside, hunting and collecting Pokemon, a Catholic evangelical group called Fundación Ramón Pané is looking to put a more religious spin on the mobile game. 

Follow JC Go! launched Friday and lets players catch saints and Biblical figures and answer quiz questions, the BBC reported.

The organization didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

The app is available for iOS and Android in Spanish, with English, Italian and Portuguese versions on the way. 

Collecting saints isn't entirely novel. If you grew up Catholic, there's a decent chance you picked up some saint prayer cards along the way.