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Flickr for iOS lets you apply filters before you snap the photo

The mobile app for Yahoo's photo-sharing service also gets customizable filters, image editing tools, and new camera options like focus and exposure lock.

The new Flickr for iOS app adds new filters and lets people customize how they're applied to photos.
The new Flickr for iOS app adds new filters and lets people customize how they're applied to photos.

An update to Flickr for iOS released Thursday lets people try out filters before they take a photo.

Filters, popularized by apps like Facebook's Instagram, give a different style or look to a photo, and Flickr has been playing catch-up with its mobile apps. The new version of the app lets people try the effects in advance with live filters, adds several new ones, and lets people customize filters.

The new version also adds significant features to the camera app, which works on iPhones and iPads. Grids can help keep horizons level, and photographers can lock focus and exposure, according to the app description.

Also new are editing tools for cropping, sharpening, adjusting color, adjusting tonal levels, adding vignettes.

The new feature haven't appeared in the Android version of the Flickr app, which often lags the iOS version.

Yahoo has been trying to overhaul Flickr after newer sites and apps the photo-sharing service lost some of its competitive edge, missing out on the early years of the mobile revolution and languishing with relatively few changes.

One spotlight of the the turnaround effort under new Chief Executive Marissa Mayer is a free terabyte of storage space. Previously, users had unlimited space, but those with free accounts could only see their most recent photos.

Via The Verge